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1. Integrated Metrics (Pre- and Post-Renovation)

(step-by-step process below)

If you operate a platform dealing with building data, chances are high we can turn that data into projected energy consumption metrics. We can also suggest the most impactful energy upgrades, and their resulting effects on energy consumption, utility cost, and Scope 1 & 2 emissions. This can add to your platform's current value proposition, or create a whole new value proposition for certain client segments.

Step-by-Step Guide

Emodeler for Integrated Metrics

Step 1. Acquire API Key

Create an account in the Emodeler App and fill in the Contact Form requesting your API key. API calls during integration are free!

Step 2: Build Data Processing

Using the API documentation (Resources Page), create a crosswalk from the data you have to the format required. Our team is ready to assist you with this task.

Step 3: Choose Measures

We offer a wide array of energy saving measures to choose from. You can request savings projections for any of them in a given building, but you can also just request our projection of the current energy usage of the building.

Step 4: Display Results

We can return many different results. Annual, monthly, daily, and hourly breakdowns of energy, utility cost, and emissions are all feasible. We can also return energy usage broken down by fuel or end use. The decision lies with your team and what is most useful for your users.

Case Studies

We are working on putting together case studies. Do you want to be one of our first case studies for platforms? We are offering a 15% subscription cost reduction for our first three case studies.

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