Usage Guide

For Solution Providers


How can Emodeler help me?

1. Generate Trusted Savings Quotes

(step-by-step process below)

Stop relying on rules-of-thumb or case studies to quote the savings for your technology in a prospective client's building. Each building operates and interacts with its climate differently, and building owners will trust your quote more if it is tailored to their building.

Emodeler will work with you to create an energy model of your technology, then you can virtually implement it any building in the U.S. and recieve a projection of the resulting energy, utility cost, and emissions savings. This analysis comes in a report that we will customize with your company's branding, so that it's ready to forward to prospective clients.

2. Generate Leads

Many of your prospective clients may also use Emodeler for renovation planning.

Once we have a model of your solution, we can provide building owners with the option to simulate your technology as an energy improvement measure in their building, directly leading to more exposure and sales.

3. Understand your Solution

At Emodeler, we are power users of our own tool. Once we have a model of your technology, we can generate insights for you by simulating it in hundreds or thousands of average U.S. buildings. Depending on the type of analysis you need, we can generate metrics on your solution's perfromance across: a) 1000+ locations around the U.S., b) 18 different types of buildings, or c) buildings with different ages, sizes, shapes, or fuel types

Step-by-Step Guide

Generating Trusted Savings Quotes with Emodeler

Step 1. Provide Solution Specifications

To start off your partnership with Emodeler, we need to understand the energy savings method of your solution. We will create the energy model to reflect your solution as closely as possible, and this process requires some collaboration with your engineers. To optimize the accuracy of the resulting model, we will request any of the following for the technology:

  • Technology Specifications
  • Sequences of Operation
  • Case Studies
  • Typical buildings-specific customizations
  • Step 2: Integrate with Intake Process

    There are two options for integration:

  • Automatic: Use our API to integrate savings projections into your online tool
  • Manual: Request building information from prospective clients and have a sales associate run the calculation (2-3 minute task)
  • Depending on the accuracy you desire, you can request any amount of information from prospective clients. For example, if you sell windows, you can request the building's current window performance values and pass them along to Emodeler to increase the calculation accuracy.

    Step 3: Customize

    Our Energy Savings Projection Reports are sleek, but they look even better with your colors, fonts, and logo on them. You can also request additional metrics in the report for a deeper analysis of your solution's impact.

    Case Studies

    We are working on putting together case studies. Do you want to be one of our first case studies for technology providers? We are offering a 15% subscription cost reduction for our first three case studies.

    Be a Case Study